It does what it says on the label - and aids muscular recovery


replenish your energy on the go

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Flavour: Bitter Lemon
Size: Box 9 x 32 ml
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Planning is key, especially when you know you’ll be giving it all you’ve got for hours on end. The liquid, highly digestible WINFORCE AMINO SHOT can aid you ahead of time for the last kilometres.

12 g of amino acids and quickly deliverable proteins guarantee your muscles will start recovering during the exertion itself.

 This delicate, creamy, lemon AMINO SHOT will fit into every jersey pocket.



Ambitious much? Don’t really believe in limits? We’re on board with that mentality, but let’s not forget the importance of sufficient high-quality proteins and amino acids to support your muscular recovery. WINFORCE’s high-quality proteins help shorten recovery time and maintain muscle mass.

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