Caffeine sports drink with a well-balanced flavour


pocket-sized energy kick

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Flavours: Pink Grapefruit
Size: Box 9 x 30 ml
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It’s the last round in the cross-country race, your mind pushes you on - but your body is about to give up the ghost, it just can’t handle it any more. A quick sip of WINFORCE BOOSTER will wake you right up and you’ll slip back into performance mode. A refreshing pink grapefruit flavour and 200 mg caffeine will help you wake up, focus, and be in the zone during the last kilometres, ready to cross that finishing line!

 WINFORCE BOOSTER is lactose and gluten free. Ideal for a vegan diet.



Long-lasting performance? Being a watt powerhouse won’t help you if you can’t consume the necessary carbohydrates per hour. Our products are the ideal solution as they’ve been specially developed for endurance performance, supporting you during your intensive training sessions and races.

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