Hypotonic energy powder drink for prolonged, considerable exertion


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You’re not happy unless you push yourself to the limit of your abilities - and then go well beyond that point. You’re a watt powerhouse on the bike - but what happens if you can’t absorb all the carbohydrates per hour you need? Now that’s a problem. One which can be solved by CARBO BASIC PLUS. Its special formulation is designed to help your body assimilate what you need - without irritating your stomach. You have never tasted anything like this: a hypotonic energy drink which supports you across all stages of the race. As easy as drinking a glass of water.



Long-lasting performance? Being a watt powerhouse won’t help you if you can’t consume the necessary carbohydrates per hour. Our products are the ideal solution as they’ve been specially developed for endurance performance, supporting you during your intensive training sessions and races.

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