Sports drink for maximum oxygen intake


make every breath count

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Flavours: Beetroot
Size: 65 ml
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You know what’s coming up: that deadly interval training session. You’ve got to power through it. Take a deep breath... And while breathing is second nature, are you sure you’re making the most of this seemingly normal gesture? No need to overthink it, because we’ve developed WINFORCE O2 MAXX BOOSTER for precisely this reason. This small shot contains natural nitrate, extracted from beetroot, as well as amino acids. It bolsters blood circulation and, consequently, the transport of oxygen in the body. You’ll never be short of breath during your time trials and HIITs!


Strength and body

Taking a break can do you a world of good. WINFORCE supports you with a sophisticated product mix to gain muscle or maintain muscle mass after long-lasting training sessions. We believe in delivering
improved efficiency and tolerability as well as an amazing flavour.

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