Handmade energy bar made with organic almonds and fruit


inspired by an Italian delicacy

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Flavours: Citrus Almond
Size: Box 24 x 60 g
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If you’ve ever been to Tuscany and stopped for a respite at one of the local cafes, you’ve surely been tempted to order - or have actually tried - the local “Panforte”, a delicious almond, fruit, and spice dessert. We loved it! So much so it inspired us to create our own energy bar, one you’ll have never seen before. It delivers important carbohydrates before, during, and after your physical activity.

When developing it, we wanted to be true to the same principles that go into making the original Italian recipe: a 100% handmade product using only the best ingredients - organic almonds, fruit, and Tuscany’s traditional spices.


Long-lasting performance? Being a watt powerhouse won’t help you if you can’t consume the necessary carbohydrates per hour. Our products are the ideal solution as they’ve been specially developed for endurance performance, supporting you during your intensive training sessions and races.

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