High-quality carbohydrates and protein mix to aid building muscle mass


putting on muscle mass has never been easier

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Flavours: Cocoa
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Taking a break can do you a world of good. And endurance athletes know this well. That’s why they use the off season to build muscle mass. And after months of pushing their limits, focusing on the sheer amount of carbohydrates they’d need to bulk can be even more taxing than usual! That requires a bucketful of raw energy! You can make your life easier with WINFORCE WEIGHT GAINER. A delicious, easily digestible shake delivering around 400 calories per portion. Lactose and gluten free, choose between exquisite cocoa or vanilla. Adding the additional HP to your performance has never been easier!

Strength and body

Taking a break can do you a world of good. WINFORCE supports you with a sophisticated product mix to gain muscle or maintain muscle mass after long-lasting training sessions. We believe in delivering
improved efficiency and tolerability as well as an amazing flavour.

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